Companixa™ Turkish Company Center offers clients a customer-focused and cost-effective services for Company Liquidation in Turkey. Companixa™ prides itself on our attentive and personal approach to every client. We work closely with our clients to offer the best services for Company Liquidation in Turkey. Companixa™ handles commercial transactions and disputes with the same dedication and intensity whether our client is a Fortune 500 company or a privately held small business.

Our Turkish company formation team is prepared to handle your company liquidation in Turkey fast and cost less. Our lawyers are experienced in liaison office formationbranch office formationfree trade zone company formationjoint stock companyjoint venture formationlimited liability company formation, Turkish Liaison Office Formation, holding company formation, and company management and governance in Istanbul, Turkey.

Liquidate Company in Turkey

Company Formation Cost in Turkey

It takes at least 7 months to liquidate a company in Turkey.

The steps of the liquidation process will be as below.

  1. A resolution will be prepared for starting the liquidation and it will be signed by the shareholders.  You have to hire a Turkish citizen will be appointed being liquidator in the resolution. Please let us know who will be the Liquidator (Name, Surname, Turkish ID number, residency address of him/her) in order to prepare the resolution
  2. The resolution will be approved in the notary and a signature declaration will be prepared for the liquidator.
  3. The documents will be given to the trade registration service.
  4. After the resolution is registered, announcement form will be submitted to trade registration service. The starting to the liquidation period of the company will be announced three times.
  5. Liquidation process will be started after third announcement.
  6. The registration document will be submitted to tax office and social security institute
  7. Tax officer will visit to check beginning of liquidation
  8. Legal books will be notarized during the liquidation period
  9. At the beginning of the liquidation process, income tax and balance sheet will be submitted to the tax office
  10. At the end of the liquidation process, Balance sheet and cooperate tax will be submitted to the tax office
  11. According to liquidation process, second resolution will be signed to complete the liquidation and also this resolution will be registered at the Istanbul Chamber of Trade.

Please find Our Service fee to manage the liquidation process and the liquidation cost as following;

  1. Monthly accounting fee during liquidation is 200 USD
  2. Our service fee for the management of the liquidation process is 3,000 USD
  3. Possible costs associated with closing the company is estimated to be 1,450 USD and include the following:
  • Translation of documents
  • Notarization of documents
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce registrations
  • Announcements related to liquidation
  • Preparation of legal books
  • Preparation of signature statement

Regular taxes (stamp tax, withholding tax, pre-paid income tax, corporate tax), all accounting payments will be paid during the liquidation period. All taxes and expenses shall be paid by your company.

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