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Companixa™ Turkish Company Center assists our clients in many business ventures, including business formation. Whether the business is a Corporation, Partnership, or Limited Liability Company, our business law attorneys can provide the services necessary to form the appropriate entity for your business in Turkey.

Limited Company Formation

A Turkish Limited Company (LLC) needs to have an initial capitalization of 10.000.-TL (around 2,500.-USD) and 1 to 50 shareholders.

Branch Office Formation

Branch offices have autonomous capital and accounting to carry out commercial transactions with third parties, although they are closely associated with the parent company in respect of internal management.

Free Zone Company

A Turkish Free Trade Zone is a specially designed production site which aims at increasing export-oriented investment and production in Turkey, accelerating the entry of foreign capital and technology into Turkey.

Liaison Office

Companies established in accordance with laws of foreign countries can open liaison offices in Turkey provided that those offices do not carry out any commercial activities in Turkey.

Joint Stock Company

A Turkish Joint Stock Company (JSC) can be established for an indefinite period with at least one real person or legal entity shareholder, and an initial capital of at least 50.000.-TL

Joint Venture Formation

Joint ventures are becoming more commonly used in all industries as businesses with complementary operations seek to collaborate to develop new projects in Turkey.

Due Diligence Services

We perform due diligence services in Turkey.

Work Permit Application

We prepare and file Turkish work permit applications

Auditing Services

We perform internal and external auditing services in Turkey.

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